Inspire & Make Someone Smile Today

iInspire, nspiration and writingSometimes it’s takes a patient to comfort another patient suffering the same thing.


Before interacting with them you can see the despair in their eyes, the hopelessness, the feeling and the thought of being abnormal or broken.

It’s only when you touch them, you inspire them to be something better – to push back harder than what sickness, the world and disabilities can push them.

We all look for a confirmation that we can do it. If you do see some one down and out, just remind them how special and strong they are.

It may give the push, to bring them away from the edge, to stop the hurting from pushing them off the edge.

Inspire and make someone smile today.



Lionel Faleiro

Certified Ethical Hacker, Mega Geek, IT Teacher, TV Series Junkie and an Amateur Photographer

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  1. Carolann says:

    So very true! It’s a simple thing to do and we more smile spread around!

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