How To: Get Notifications When a User Posts on Twitter

Have you ever come across the problem where you follow many people and you just hate missing someone’s tweet on Twitter?

I’ve had the problem quite a few number of times, where I used to miss seeing Tweets of people. These tweets could be from anyone. It could be from a celeb you adore, or from people who start enlightening discussions whenever they are on (Eg BT).

Well, if you have the Official Twitter App on your iOS/Android device, you can enable Push Notifications to be displayed when a person tweets.

To enable it.

1. Go into the user’s profile for whom you want to enable tweet notifications.

Twitter Tweets BT Notifications

2. Click the ‘contact icon’ and select ‘Turn On Notifications’

Twitter Tweets BT NotificationsTwitter Tweets BT Notifications

For notifications to work, make sure you have enable Tweet notifications inside the Twitter App’s Settings-Notifications screen.

Twitter BT Notifications


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